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Equine Sculpture by Sheryl Leisure

Are you looking for a custom sculpture of your horse? Working from photos and sketched to wire armature and clay to durable resin, you can have a sculpture of your favorite horse!

Here are some examples of horse models sculpted by Sheryl…

Turnin Harts Reining Horse
Harts Afire Arabian Mare
Walter Stock Horse Gelding
BraveHart Friesian Stallion
Samuel Belgian Gelding
Beaureguarde Percheron Stallion

Turnin' Harts

Turnin Harts is a working ranch horse in a fast spin. He has his left hind foot firmly planted and is pushing off with the other leg and crossing over in the front. His long mane flows to the outside and his tail curls around inward. This is an Artist Scale resin, slightly smaller than Traditional scale. This edition is sold out.

Harts Afire

Harts Afire is a young Arabian mare in a soft trot. She has a sweet delicate face and a flowing mane and tail. She was released with a small resin cast base (not shown) and early versions came with a clear acrylic peg in her front hoof. This is an Artist Scale resin, slightly smaller than Traditional scale.
This edition is sold out.

A single customized version re-sculpted and painted the sculpting artist, is available in the store. Add to cart/go to store


Walter is a traditional scale resin model portrait of the real appendix Quarter Horse. He is black/bay in color and can be ordered with his book; Walter Spills the Oats while supplies last. Walter models stand approximately 8 1/2" tall and were an edition of 500 pieces.

This model was also issued as “Change of Hart” in Chestnut Paint, Bay, Palomino and Bay Appaloosa colors. These models are SOLD OUT.

Hart of Thor

This model is sculpted from a real Friesian stallion, and offered as a 250-piece edition in black as a portrait called Hart of Thor. The sculpture stands approximately 8 3/4" tall and is in a full gallop standing on a clear acrylic peg on his front hoof.

This model was also offered in four additional colors and included Bay, Chocolate Sorrel, Bay Pinto and Dapple Grey under the name “Brave Hart”. These models are SOLD OUT.

I Samuel

I Samuel is a classic scale Belgian model in a smart trot with a loose mane and tail and feathered feet. He was produced in resin by Resins by Randy and the remaining models are being sold as custom painted versions only.

II Samuel

II Samuel is the "show ready" version of the first Samuel, with clipped legs and a braided mane and tail. Twelve were produced with no wires in the legs as prototypes. Some are still available both unpainted and painted.

Alchemy Ceramics of England also produced this model in bisque and several very limited edition colors.


This is Beauregarde, one of my first sculptures. I did him way back in 1996 as an artists scale Percheron Stallion. I've learned a lot since then, but he still has charm and appeals to drafter lovers out there! I did a run of solid cast resin models, 25 each of dapple grey, black and sorrel. Each came with a certificate and was signed and numbered. These models are sold out.

Would you like to learn how to customize or sculpt horse models?

Sheryl is now teaching classes on all forms of model horse re-making, painting and sculpting. Click HERE to get more information.