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Hot Rod Bunny (A heart of gold and a foot of lead.) is my first book in the HRB series. It was originally intended to be a book for my kids to read that contained some good life lessons. It soon turned into a much bigger story that can be enjoyed by adult hot rodders as well. In fact you don’t even have to like cars to enjoy the plot. The story takes place in Gas City Indiana in 1964 so all the cars illustrated were commonly seen at that time. I used Photoshop for most of the illustrations. All of the characters in the story are anthropomorphic domesticated animals (dogs, cats, rabbits and even rats.) My desire was to have fairly realistic backgrounds with cartoon characters running around in them. The lead character is an 18-year-old orphan bunny named Beverly Moon. She is hopelessly car crazy and tenaciously works to finish her own hot rod. Then she has several adventures while driving to a car show in California. The plot has many unexpected twists and turns. These are only a few of the many illustrations in the book. The Hot Rod Bunny books are available from our STORE. Come see the NEW Hot Rod Bunny web site hotrodbunny.com COMING SOON!

The book covers are all designed to resemble old "B" movie posters.

Beverly's first car was a rusty '54 Dodge. She managed to fix up the Red Ram Hemi engine and made it a force to contend with. In her first street race she took on the local hot rod authority; Fast Eddie. He drove a candy-apple red '40 Ford with a Merc engine and doesn't like to lose. Especially to a girl!

Beverly tried her hand at the local figure eight race with disastrous results.

She completed her scratch-built hot rod in time to enter it in the biggest car show in California. She drove it there by herself and had several adventures along the way. She even uncovered the secret of her past.

Beverly created a splash at the Custom Rod-O-Rama with her cool roadster pick-up and home-made show outfit.

Follow the fun with Beverly and her two best friends; Brunhilda and little Cynthia, as they experience the teen scene at the local drive in. Here they are seen preparing for their next wild adventure in Hot Rod Bunny II; From Beyond Earth!

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Hot Rod Bunny 2, From Beyond Earth
Hot Rod Bunny 2, From Beyond Earth

We are working out a glitch in our Store, meanwhile, to reserve your copy of this book, please call 559-760-9874 or email: hpginc@earthlink.net.
Hot Rod Bunny 2; From Beyond Earth
Coming Spring 2021. It's 1965, and aliens have invaded a small desert town. Can Hot Rod Bunny Beverly Moon and her friends save the planet? Read the science fiction hot rod romance for all the fun. Reserve your copy today!
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