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I always enjoy painting the MoPar cars so I took great delight in this ‘68 “B” body Satellite. Round 2 asked for Sunfire Yellow. So I followed factory paint chart and looked on line for examples of those colors to see what they look like in various lighting conditions. The kit was to be issued with the vintage ’68 AMT graphics. These boxes had the car illustrated on white with a vignette background that was loose and translucent like a watercolor illustration. The center focus of the background was more opaque. That gave me a chance to try something new. The box required that most of the ethereal background be cropped out but in this gallery the whole painting is shown. The rear view was done in Turbine Bronze, which is mostly sienna brown. This kit is newer tooling created in the mid 90’s but for some reason the aluminum trunk trim was not tooled. This gives the car a stripped down for the track look but I do miss the bright work back there. I was asked to illustrate the side panel accessories in the same style AMT used in ’68. These pen and ink drawings had a very flat, graphic “industrial” look to them. Round 2’s graphics department dropped in the color and highlights. Acrylic on 15” x 20” illustration board, May of 2013