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Custom Painted Horses
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Plastic Custom Traditional Scale Painted Models

Simple Custom Breyer Foal Dapple Buckskin $395.00 domestic shipping included

Simple Custom Breyer Draft Horse dapple grey SOLD

Simple Custom Breyer Stock Horse palomino: $350.00 (+15. S&H)

Simple Custom Breyer Welsh Pony Foal blond sorrel: set with mare below
Simple Custom Breyer Welsh Pony Mare dapple grey set with above foal $495.00 (+15. S&H)

Simple Custom Breyer Thoroughbred star dapple grey $375.00 (+15. S&H)

**NEW** MICRO Mini Scale Horse Models!

These wonderful horses are sculpted by Kitty Cantrell, painted by Sheryl Leisure. Amazing detail for such teeny weeny horses!

MICRO mini "Atahri" Stock Horse dapple bay $150.00 ppd

MICRO mini "Harmony" Stock Horse dapple grey $150.00 ppd

Plastic Customized and Painted Mini Scale Models

Custom Breyer Stablemate Mini Arabian Mare dapple grey $150.00 (+5. S&H)

Custom Breyer Stablemate Mini Swaps chestnut Appaloosa $150.00 (+5. S&H)

Custom Breyer Stablemate Mini Arabian Stallion dapple grey $150.00 (+5. S&H)

Small Scale Resin Custom Painted Models:
Custom Painted Mini "Harmony" resin dapple dunalino $350.00 (+$10. S&H)

· Custom Painted models are all one-of-a-kind painted by Sheryl Leisure, and are not mass production runs.

· Most of the horses offered for sale here are Simple Custom plastic models, which are more affordable than resin cast horses but with just as much painted detail.

· Drastic Customs are models that have had major remodeling and often parts exchanged from one model to another producing a one-of-a-kind model as well as painting.

· Sizes range from Traditional at 1:10 scale to Mini scale averaging 2” tall and now Micro=mini standing at 1"!

· All of my custom models have tri-colored eyes, detailed hooves and chestnuts and many minute details (like hairs!) that cannot be seen in a web photo.

· These models are all are live show quality. Many are NAN qualified.

· Prices do not include shipping and Indiana sales tax.

· Paypal accepted.

· To order online, click the "Buy it Now" button.