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Hot Rod Bunny (A heart of gold and a foot of lead) is the first book in the Hot Rod Bunny series. It was originally written as a book for my own kids to read that contained some good life lessons. It soon turned into a much bigger story that can be enjoyed by adult hot rodders as well. In fact. you don’t even have to like cars to enjoy it! The story takes place in 1964, so it includes all the great vintage cars and hot rods of that era. Beverly Moon is an 18-year-old orphan who has a photographic memory and an extraordinarily high IQ. She is hopelessly car crazy and tenaciously works to build her very own hot rod. There are many unexpected twists and turns as she works to drive her car to the big show in California. A fun and nostalgic story sure to entertain young and old!
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Beverly's first car was a rusty '54 Dodge sedan that was donated to the orphanage. It had a Red Ram Hemi and she modified it to be a winner. Her first street race was against "Fast Eddie" the town's authority on hot rods, or he was until Beverly showed up. He drove a hopped-up '40 Ford with a Merc flathead.

Beverly tried her hand at the local figure eight race with disastrous results.

Beverly's first official street rod. She entered it in the biggest car show in California.

She made a splash at the Custom Rod-O-Rama with her cool roadster pick-up and home-made show outfit.
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Coming Spring 2021!

The manuscript for Hot Rod Bunny book 2 "From Beyond Earth" has been sent to the editor! The first Hot Rod Bunny book covers mainly 1964. Book two tells the story of what happened in the summer of 1965. Yes, it is a science-fiction story, but it also recounts the, well, you could say, strange circumstances that surrounded Tom's proposal to Beverly, definitely the weirdest one on record! It also tells the tales of the continuing love stories of the other two bunny girls, Brunhilda and Cynthia. Will Beverly's genius IQ help save the day and the Earth from alien invaders? You'll have to read it to find out! Lots of good fun sci-fi action. Buy book one from our Store so you're up on the stories of the loveable characters from Gas City, Indiana and sign up now to order book two!!!

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Hot Rod Bunny 2, From Beyond Earth
Hot Rod Bunny 2, From Beyond Earth

We are working out a glitch in our Store, meanwhile, to reserve your copy of this book, please call 559-760-9874 or email: hpginc@earthlink.net.
Hot Rod Bunny 2; From Beyond Earth
Coming Spring 2021. It's 1965, and aliens have invaded a small desert town. Can Hot Rod Bunny Beverly Moon and her friends save the planet? Read the science fiction hot rod romance for all the fun. Reserve your copy today!
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